Thu 9 Feb 2017
4:45 PM

One of those days

Ever have one of those days where nothing you do seems to turn out right? Everything you touch gets indefinably worse? Yesterday at work was that day for me. I still managed to turn out some decent stuff, I guess, but my favorite example of why you shouldn’t code angry showed up today. I’ve been trying to figure out why a certain database query was returning false, but by the time it got to the Angular interface side the value was true. I carefully logged its value across its trip from database to interface, and eventually concluded that it was something with the shared service that held the value (since it’s used in multiple controllers). But what, I wondered? What could it be?

var configured = false;

function isConfigured() {
    return configured;

function setConfigured(value) {
    configured = true;

See if you can spot it faster than I did.