Sun 2 Apr 2017
10:35 PM

A quick, spoiler-free review of Ghost in the Shell (2017)

there's a lot of this

Setting aside the whitewashing issue, which other places have explained better than I could, this was not a great film. It was an okay film.

GitS discards the complexity of the plot from the original, or even the longer-running Stand Alone Complex, in favor of a much more generic cyberpunk plot. And if what you’re looking for is sweeping cyberpunk imagery of neon-drenched cities with mile-high advertisements, then you got it. This is your movie.

As an actual Ghost in the Shell product, it fails pretty badly. It handles concepts of identity, individuality, and what it means to be human about as adeptly as a toddler learning how to handle silverware for the first time. Also, the words ghost’ and shell’ were actually said in dialogue so many times that I was waiting on someone to wink at the fucking camera.

That said, I had a really good martini while I was watching it, so everything turned out okay in the end.