Thu 22 Jun 2017
5:32 PM

A couple Final Fantasy articles

It’s a very Final Fantasy time of the year, as the Final Fantasy V Four-Job Fiesta has kicked off and, despite saying I was going to pass on it this year, much like I say I am going to do every year, I’m in it again. As such a couple of interesting FF-related articles have slid across my desk and, well, here you go.

How Three Kids With No Experience Beat Square And Translated Final Fantasy V Into English tells the story of the remarkably good FFV fan translation, which managed to even be loads better than Square’s official translation” on the PS1. I distinctly remember playing the fan-translated version on my parents’ creaky PC in my freshman year of high school, being amazed at this game that had been passed on for official US release.

good job using a great story in the thumbnail, Paris Review

When Lore Bores isn’t strictly Final Fantasy related, but anything that namechecks FF3(6) in all its mistranslated glory as an example of a time when developers had a handle on the proper ratio of gameplay to story, and every hero wasn’t Gruffshoot McWhiteguy and his Adventures in the Grimdark Sepia Universe, is fine by me.